Shipping Policy

Shipping policy of has been devised for providing a great user experience to our valued customers. The policy is designed for customers to know the factors in the price of shipping, methods of shipping and other crucial information for making a safe purchase resolution.

All the medication orders placed with are shipped within two to three days since we have associated with leading shipping service providers in your country. We would ship the Phentermine medication to different countries across the world. We provide assurance on the quality of our prescription medications.

All the medication orders are wrapped properly without mentioning any sign for the purpose of security. The orders will be dispatched once your payment gets clear. All orders will be shipped to your location through our third party shipping service providers so you will receive your package on time without any delay. You would receive tracking id after placing an order with us through your phone message or registered email address. With your track number, you can locate your parcel via specific online tracking sites. Tracking facility becomes accessible only after the package leaves the region of the pharmacy.

Usually, the drug package would be delivered within two to three working days but in case if you have ordered Phentermine online in the weekend, then your package would be dispatched on the next business day of the online drugstore.

Mostly we ship your products through USPS(United States of Postal Service). There are numerous shipping options available in our online pharmacies and such they are quick delivery, overnight shipping, and traditional shipment method.

You will receive your order parcel within few hours or very next day while you have chosen next day or overnight shipping.

Fast delivery option assists you to get your Phentermine parcel within two days. People those who are not willing to pay the amount for the shipment fee can go for a tradition shipment method. We would deliver the package within fifteen days to your doorstep when you select this delivery option.

Delivery time of this online pharmacy will depend on 2 factors

  1. Availability – Generally, most of the products will deliver in one to two business days. For instance, few products will ship to customer location within 24 hours or couple of days, whereas in the rare situation, few parcels may take several days to ship. We ensure to ship products out as fast as possible and some days we receive more orders rather than products in stock yet we refill our stock twice a day.
  1. The way of Shipping – Some shipping service providers may take one or two business days to deliver the parcel to a residential address. There are more options available for overnight shipping which depends on the time of the day the parcel to be shipped.

In addition, kindly note that delivery time further depends on business days. For instance, suppose if you place an order at our online pharmacy during the weekend Sunday, then it is not possible for us to process your order on the same day yet all of our shippers are not open.

Here we have listed medication with their estimated time delivery, shipping price and delivery type and these are applicable only to the shipment of USA to USA.

Name of Medicine

Estimate Time Delivery Method Shipping Price

Phentermine (Generic)

Within 7 business days Normal Delivery (DHL)


Phentermine (Generic)

Within 72 hours Express Delivery (FedEx)

Contact Us

Adipex (Brand) Within 10 business days Normal Delivery (USPS)


Adipex (Brand) Within 80 hours Express Delivery (FedEx, USPS)

$80 (Most chosen deal)












We provide free shipping charge while you place the medicine in bulk quantity. Even those loyal or returning customers need to pay less amount for the parcel delivery. The shipping cost of our online pharmacy would be reasonable and not hidden with any of the additional charges along with delivery service.

Shipping policy of our Phentermine online pharmacy is considered to be one of the best one compared to other internet drugstores. The package would be shipped on time to the shipping location of the customer. If you find any delay in receiving your parcel, then it might be only because of natural disasters or any other valid reason.

If your parcel gets a delay on arrival, then we will inform you via email. You can contact our online pharmacy while you receive the package on the guaranteed time or the packages does not deliver to your place. We will assist you to get your order parcel after analyzing the progress. We request our customers to grant excess time on peak shipping days such as New Year and Christmas.

The medicines that are delivered to your location would be wrapped securely in the parcel. There is less possibility for the pills to be damaged. We would take charge while there is any damage to the medicine from our side. Here we would deliver another set of new Phentermine medications to your location since we do not make our customers to be let down.