Use Of Phentermine In Nursing Mothers

Phentermine in nursing mothers

Phentermine in nursing mothersWomen who are obese tend to have a lot of difficulty in losing the excess weight, especially after pregnancy. Phentermine is a wonderful drug that promotes weight loss and though many consider taking it, nursing mothers may be unsure if they can take it or not. Phentermine while pregnant is usually not recommended as weight loss at this time can affect the baby’s growth. However, once the baby is born there may not be as many restrictions. In order to be doubly safe so that it does affect the nursing infant you need to look into this in detail, which is what we have done for you. Generally, lactating mothers have to be extra careful about any and all drugs that they take and the same goes for Phentermine too. Read on to see if it is advisable or not to take Phentermine drug while nursing.

Safety of Phentermine use in nursing mothers

One should first understand the prescription drug Phentermine. This medication promotes weight loss by stimulating the mind to suppress the appetite and also boosts fat burning by increasing the body’s metabolism rate. If you have been gaining weight after the pregnancy then this can be reduced by taking phentermine pills. You can order phentermine legally with online prescription.

The safety of Phentermine use in nursing mothers is established by first by the doctor. In case there are any other drugs be taken or have any health complications, your healthcare provider would be able to advise you best regarding weight loss at this time. In case the drug is passed on to the nursing infant through breast milk, the stimulant effects can raise the risk of side effects. The safety of the baby’s health should be a priority before you think about losing weight.

Can nursing mothers get any benefits from taking Phentermine?

Nursing mothers can definitely benefit from taking Phentermine treatment and here are some reasons why:

  • The drug helps to avoid binge eating and gaining more weight than usual, which many new mothers tend to do.
  • If the person is extremely obese then the drug can surely help in promoting healthy weight loss, considering there are high chances of other health issues if the excessive weight is not addressed.
  • The drug will help regulate the body’s metabolism rate which may be out of sorts post-delivery.
  • It is quite difficult for new mothers to work out at the gym. Moreover, their days are amply filled with chores surrounding the baby’s wellness. Phentermine can work for weight loss when you do not have the time to spend away from home at the gym.

Every individual responds differently to medication and before using Phentermine by taking into account these benefits, first consult with the doctor and see if the drug is right for you or not.

How to safely use Phentermine as a nursing mother?

There may be some risk with using Phentermine as a nursing mother but there are certainly ways around it. Certain persons may be medically required to lose weight and this is possible to do quickly with the help of the medication. One thing that you can do use pump the milk ahead before taking the drug so that the effects will not be passed on to the child. Likewise, you can plan the Phentermine use around your baby’s timings and consulting with the doctor for the best way to take the drug.