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Ours is an online information portal and everyone across the world can log in to us to get the desired information of the product we sell. However, like every other business, we have a set of terms and conditions that are exclusive but not limited to, the general policies of any other business, or online business to be peculiar. We would like to be transparent to our customers and this would be reflected in our terms and policies, by making sure that every user goes through those prior to using our websites or our affiliated organizations. Also in addition to this, our terms change from time to time, to acknowledge updated and latest regulations with reference to the company.

Any of the following content thus provided must not be taken as a medical advice and these details are only offered to the users for educational purpose. People with any medical condition, for that matter, must consult with a doctor before ordering any medications online or offline. No content provided on the website must be mistaken for a medical advice. We only offer this information to the customers for the purpose of education and basic information.These details are offered to the customers only for educational purpose.

We advise people to hold consultation with the doctor related to any medical condition before purchasing any medication online or offline. Kindly read the following clauses carefully prior to using our website.

We try very hard to keep the blogs frequently updated, to the best of our knowledge and you must know that not all the information is completely error-free, being a positive result of human involvement in freshening up the content every now and then.

It is the complete responsibility of the customers while using the website to stick to safe and secure measures. We will not hold responsibility for any information thus submitted by the users. We also would not be liable for any loss incurred at the user’s end.

Also, would you have to make sure that no irrelevant content to be uploaded on the website in the form of guest blogs, or comments. Any spam, sexual or irrelevant content would not just be removed off but any legal issues arising thereof would be taken against the particular user who has been involved in the act.

You are submitting your credentials with your own compliance and we would like to bring it to your notice that this is not hundred percent risk-free.

We do not hold any responsibility for the transaction that you make through our affiliated links even though we do strict research before providing any links. In no way, we are going to promote any product, its information or provoking any users into buying any products. We are just an informational portal and we only work to provide the details for the medication. Nevertheless, the links guiding you into buying the products are affiliated with our organization and we do not own it. Thus, it is made clear that we do not stock out any pills or generate prescription of any sort. We are a mere gateway for you to choose the best places to get the medications.

Only people who are above the age of 18 are advised to use our online service, failing to which the user will have to face any legal actions that are bound to be taken by us for unauthorized use of our website. Also do we not encourage if any policy has been interred by the users in general.