Privacy Policy

This website is imperative on the security and protection of privacy of our readers. We have initiated the domain to emphasize people on the importance of privacy policy and also to make sure that you are well informed about the potential risks while transacting online. Also, make a note that our privacy policy might change without any prior notice and you must make efforts to get yourself updated. Given this, we presume that you would continue to use our website after complying with our policy.

The data transmission in this network, or any network for that matter of fact, cannot be deemed to be of hundred percent secure and safe. However, we only use the best technologies and latest ones to secure the information that is provided by people on this site.

Acknowledging to this, we would like to make it clear that certain information about you like name, address, contact number and email id would be collected by us. All the above-mentioned details will only be shared with those who are linked to our company and not any of these are going to be sold or provided to any third parties.

Apart from this, our website, in the form of cookies and cache, would collect few non-personal details. Utilizing this information would aid us in providing the most useful information in terms of customers’ refined queries and requirements. Nevertheless, if you are not comfortable in providing these, you may disable this option from the settings menu.

Customers who require complete privacy must not use email since few of the emails present today are not completely secure.

Any mail received to you from our site is only to help you out. Those who are not interested in this may go ahead and unsubscribe to us for preventing any emails from our end. We would also like to bring it to your notice that we do not have complete authoritative control over the spam or external links in the website and also deem out of responsibility if you share any details to these third parties.