How Phentermine Dosage Differs For People With Different BMI’s?

phentermine dosageIt is been a few decades since the introduction of Phentermine, since then the unending story of success saga about the drug is passing from person to person. Like all other chemical drugs, Phentermine doses works depending on the physical attributes of the patients. Body Mass Index is one among the major factors that depend on the concentration of dose been prescribed. In order to make the weight loss process effectively, medical researchers around the world did a numerous study on the Phentermine medication to optimize the dose.

In order to quantify weight loss, doctors use the BMI of the patient to evaluate the extent or the Phentermine efficiency. Body Mass index is the ratio of the height of the person to their body weight. The scale has been classified into three main ranges plus and additional classification

  • Less than 18.00 Kg/m2 – the person is underweight
  • 00 – 25.00 Kg/m2 – The body weight is ideal with height
  • 00 and above – Overweight
  • Above 30.00 Kg/m2 – Obese.

So depending on the above classification doctor can decide whether the patient needs a weight loss aid or not. If the value is below 30.00 then normal exercise along with dieting can be proffered but anything above 30.00 needs the helping hand to choose right Phentermine dosage. So, depending upon the people’s weight and height, they can buy real phentermine online pills from reputed online pharmacies, which provides genuine drugs at a discounted price with additional features like COD, next day delivery and bonus Phentermine pills for bulk orders.

Dosage information of Phentermine

In some cases, people above 27 kg/m2 might be prescribed with regular phentermine dosage if in case the patient is having severe side effects due to overweight like diabetes, difficulty in breathing, hypertension etc. else prescription is focused for people above a 30 score.
The common adult dosage is Phentermine 37.5mg, which can be easily ordered from various Phentermine online pharmacies which are formulated into a single drug. The user must take the pill about 1-2 hours before there breakfast such that by then the drug gets activated and suppress the food volume they eat. In certain cases, physician might also ask the patient to take half the pill i.e. 18.75 mg around two-time a day before the meal. It must be noted that commercial drug is a combination of hydrochloride with Phentermine of which has a share of about 30mg, precise.

How various Phentermine dosage really effective on people with high BMI score?

The scientific studies show that how around 1 to 2 lbs. of fat burned in a week, more than that would cause health issues in some people. As a result, a study was conducted in which the users were divided into two groups in which one group was given a placebo and another Phentermine 20 mg. The drug course lasted for about 24weeks and what they found was amazing surprising. Those who took placebo lost 4.4 kg of weight whereas phentermine users lost around 11 kg of weight.
On the limelight of the above study, ordering Phentermine pills is best option to lose weight for higher BMI as doctor’s preferences show the gravitation towards the efficiency of the treatment. The dosage varies according to person’s physical condition, previous health problems, history of cardiac diseases, renal failure etc. influence the dosage. The maximum dosage is 37.5 whereas minimum is 15mg. The drug is not recommended for use under the age of 17 years.