How Phentermine Capsule Differ From Phentermine Tablet ?

Phentermine capsules and tabletsPhentermine is one of the most popular weight loss pills that are widely prescribed by the doctors to lose weight, in tandem with a reduced-calorie diet and a proper exercise regime. However, phentermine is manufactured by a number of companies in every country. Along with, which company or brand you should choose, comes the question, which version or form of this drug should you use?

What are the two forms of Phentermine (Adipex)?

Phentermine is available in two forms – tablets and capsules and very few people actually have the complete idea about the difference between the two. Since 1959, when the drug came into the open market, it was available in powder and liquid forms. After some years, this drug was brought in the form of tablets, where the manufacturers added some auxiliary substances to it and compressed the active ingredients into tablets. It was in the modern times that the encapsulated form of Adipex was brought to the online sites, where people can purchase Phentermine online rather on local pharmacy.

  • Phentermine tablets:

The tablets are the most widely used form of phentermine to be taken orally. However, it takes quite some time to get absorbed by the bloodstream. Moreover, some of the Adipex active ingredients fail to get absorbed into the bloodstream and get eliminated from the body, without being utilized.On the other hand, Adipex tablets are available only in the 37.5 mg dosage tablets. Hence, if a patient needs a lower dosage, cannot avail a tablet of that dosage. However, tablets, at the same time, give the advantage of breaking or splitting the tablets to reduce the dosage by halving it. It is thus easy for a person to handle the side effects. Since the tablets take time to get dissolved and absorbed into the bloodstream, they have inactive ingredients in them that help in the absorption process.

  • Phentermine capsules:

Phentermine is also available in the modern medication form such as encapsulation. The most advantageous factor associated with the capsules is that they are available in different dosages. Since they have the limitation of not being able to split up, the variety of dosage starting from 15 mg to 30 mg and even 37.5 mg gives the consumers the freedom to choose and buy any Phentermine dosage that will suit their requirements.

What makes Phentermine (Adipex) capsules even more useful is because of the absorption capability of this form into the bloodstream. It gets dissolved and absorbed almost at once. Hence, to make sure that the capsules stay in the bloodstream throughout the day to maintain its efficacy, slow-down ingredients are added to this form of the drug.

Phentermine (Adipex): Take away notes

Both the tablets and the capsule forms of phentermine can be purchased from renowned exclusive online pharmacies like, which sells genuine phentermine at a cheap price. Both the tablet and capsule form of Adipex have advantages and limitations and hence, depending on the requirement, you can choose the one that will suit your requirements. Tablets are suitable for those, who want it in a cheaper way. Capsules are suitable for those, who want to get the complete benefit of the drug and require the complete and yet, prolonged absorption of the drug into the bloodstream.