Buy Meridia To Experience Quick Weight-loss

buy meridia to quick weight lossMiss those golden days without tummy and extra fat deposits on those waist lines and sides? Do not worry, you have a lot of people along with you struggling with the same and to bring to your knowledge, there are therapies and efficient medications that can help you get back into the desired shape.

One such effective pharmacopathy is through the Meridia drug that has made people look slim, fit and fine, of course with a little compromise on diet and allotting some time and efforts for physical exercise.

What is Meridia? How does it work?

Meridia (sibutramine) is a drug that works by affecting the neurotransmitters in the brain and suppresses the appetite, giving a feeling of being full.

Sibutramine belongs to monoamine reuptake inhibitor class of drugs that is known to reduce reuptake of certain natural chemicals such as norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. This results in increased levels of these chemicals in gaps or synaptic clefts which are the key to enhancing satiety and influencing appetite.

This drug was approved for use along with diet and exercise to aid obesity treatment that may be associated with other disorders such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels and/or high blood pressure leading to cardiovascular issues.

How should you take Meridia?

The usual recommended dose for the drug to start with, is 10mg to be administered once a day with or without food.
Depending on the weight loss and other medical conditions such as fluctuations in blood pressure and heart rate, the dose can be titrated after four weeks to a maximum of 15mg once a day.

The increment or decrement in dosage should be done strictly as per physician’s recommendation and the maximum dosage limit of 15mg per day should not be exceeded.

What should you know before taking Meridia?

It is worth mentioning that this anti-obesity medication has several risks associated with it that forced the US FDA to withdraw Meridia from the US market in late 2010.

From moderate side effects such as a headache, dry mouth, stomach upset, back pain, asthenia, nervousness and nausea and so on to severe ones on the cardiovascular system, this drug can turn out to be problematic, if not taken with caution.

Also, Meridia administration for people with severe hypertension, eating disorders and heart diseases is highly discouraged.

So, if you are suffering from or have a history of any of these or other severe medical conditions, do inform the concerned health care provider so that Meridia dose can be adjusted accordingly.

Additionally, Meridia drug may also interact with other drugs in the body so discuss concomitant medications thoroughly, before starting with the drug course against obesity.

Where to buy Meridia from?

Meridia is available in different generic versions as well as under different brand names but only on prescription as it has been classified as Schedule IV controlled drug whose use potential has been recognized.

So, after getting the prescription, you can easily buy cheap Meridia (or its generic versions) from trusted online pharmacies that offer cost effectiveness, convenience and saves time or from nearby drug stores and experience the amazing efficacy of this drug in helping you achieve your dream weight.