Phentermine Manufactures In The US

Phentermine manufacturers USA highly powerful weight loss medication, Phentermine is sold all over the world. A large number of people are dependent on this drug on a day to day basis. They consume Phentermine medication regularly either on advice of their doctors or their peers. This drug acts as an appetite suppressant and is a wonderful stimulant. It is known to help people lose weight by affecting the central nervous system. The med has to be used along with adequate rest and physical therapy by obese or overweight individuals who have health risks like diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Phentermine is a prescription medicine and it cannot be availed without issuing a valid doctor’s prescription at a pharmacy, either online or offline. There are many manufacturers of Phentermine hydrochloride. Continue reading this blog to know about all of them at length.

There are many manufacturers in the business of producing quality Phentermine and selling to local pharmacies across various places, inclusive of CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart. All of these pharmacies either carry a different brands of Phentermine or also have varied price for the drug depending upon the availability of the med and also upon the demography. When you are planning to buy Phentermine from the many places available, either online or offline, you need to make a much informed decision as the alluring price might mislead you and could also end you up in getting low quality or spurious Phentermine pills.

There are various FDA approved Phentermine pills and they are available in the generic form. The various manufacturers that produce Phentermine include:


This medicine is known to be a top selling diet and weight loss product and it has customers in multiples of millions. This medicine comprises pharmacy grade ingredients in order to control your appetite and also to stimulate your metabolism. Fat burning is very much possible with this medicine.

Gates Pharmaceuticals (Adipex)

The Phentermine sold by Gates appears as blue and white capsules having black letter or it also appears as blue speckles. Adipex-P is the product of Gates Pharmaceuticals which is a division of Teva Pharmaceuticals. It is available in the standard dosage form of 18.7mg and also 37.5mg.

Vivus Inc.

This manufacturer of phentermine is located in Mountain View, California. Vivus manufactures Qysmia which is a mix of Phentermine and topiramate. Qysmia is mostly available in dosage strengths of 7.5mg as purple and yellow capsule, 11.25mg as yellow capsule, and 15mg as yellow and white capsule.

Alpex Pharma SA

This company manufactures the brand drug Suprenza for Akrimax Pharmaceuticals LLC. Alpex is located in Lugano in Switzerland and Akrimax is located in Cranford, NJ.

Epic Pharma, LLC

This manufacturer produces the med Razin which is also known by the generic name phendimetrazine tartrate.

KVK-Tech Phentermine 37.5mg

A brand Lomaira is manufactured by KVK Tech and is distributed by CVS pharmacy. This product appears as white pill with blue speckles that is shaped representing a butterfly. KVK-Tech also manufactures four generic versions in various dosage formulations.


This is a Mexican Phentermine manufacturer and sells by the name Fentermina. It comes in three dosages of 15mg, 30mg and also 37.5mg.

Various other manufacturers of Phentermine are as mentioned below and they also manufacture the drug in different dosage strengths.

  • Terfamex
  • Jean-Marie Pharmacal Co Ltd
  • Eurodrug
  • Qualitest
  • Elvenir
  • Acxion

Do Pharmacies Provide Overnight Delivery For Phentermine Online Orders?

Phentermine overnight delivery

Phentermine overnight deliveryPhentermine is an appetite suppressant pill and is taken by people all around the globe in order to lose the excess body weight and also to burn the calories in the body. As people consume this drug on a daily basis, they need the drug immediately without any waiting and they opt for best delivery option. There are a multitude of online drugstores which operate round the clock in order to provide super-fast delivery to customers. They have various delivery options like same day delivery, overnight delivery, express delivery and many such provisions so as to enable their customers get access to the med as soon as possible and therefore they can attend to their ailment without much waiting period. The benefits that these fast delivery services provide are extremely amazing. If you are looking to order the Phentermine pills online and want to obtain it using overnight delivery, then read this blog and get to know the ways to get the pills.

How to order Phentermine for overnight delivery?

With the evolution of internet, there are a lot of online pharmacies in existence. They have various shipping and delivery services. If you want to order Phentermine for overnight delivery, then you need to look for such online drugstores that have the provision of fast delivery system. You can browse the many available internet drugstores and check with them if they can ship the drug for you overnight. You also need to confirm if there is a local drug hub near your locality or if fast delivery could be possible for your area. This will help you to know the exact time it will take for the drug to get delivered to your area or locality.

Is it possible to order authentic Phentermine through overnight delivery?

It is absolutely possible to get genuine and high quality Phentermine pills for overnight delivery. However, there are chances for you to get deceived as certain digital drugstores sell fake or spurious Phentermine pills. It all depends on you in choosing the legitimate online drugstore. You can also check about the service providers and the shipping services so that they will provide a fair estimation if express delivery will not be a problem in your area. Also check if any additional expenses are involved in the overnight shipping. Some internet pharmacies levy additional cost if customers opt to receive their Phentermine with overnight delivery. It is better to get everything clarified before you order Phentermine online for overnight delivery, so that upon receiving the med over a night, you can continue your treatment without any problem and treat your obesity and overweight issues efficiently.

5 Most Effective Brands Of Phentermine

Phentermine brands

Effective Phentermine brandsWhen it comes to weight loss medication Phentermine would be the effective drug. A doctor would prescribe you with Phentermine and there are chances that the pharmacist would provide you with brand pills. Knowing about brand and generic variations of Phentermine would help you to take the medication confidently.

  • Adipex-P

The generic variant of this medication is also called as Phentermine HCL. It is manufactured by two pharmaceutical companies named as Gate and Teva. People can get this drug both in capsule as well as tablet form. These world leaders in the production of the generic drugs offer the medication with the dosage strength of 37.5mg.

  • Suprenza

This is a new weight loss medication that is available in the market. Suprenza pills are available in two different dosage strengths such as 15mg and 30mg. This medication was introduced in the market in the year 2012. This is manufactured by Akrimax Pharmaceutical Company. Suprenza has a peppermint flavor which kept on the tongue would dissolve on its own. Other variants of Phentermine need to be taken two hours before or after meals but this medication can be taken few minutes prior or after or during meals.

  • Lonamin

The generic name of this medication is called as Phentermine resin. When obese people take this drug they can feel the reduction in their appetite which would help them to eat less. The name of the company that manufactures this medication is Celltech Pharmaceuticals. The medication is available in 15mg and 30mg capsules.

  • Tepanil

This weight loss medication is very effective in people who suffer from severe weight problems. People can get this medication with only one dosage strength and it is 75mg. 3M Pharmaceuticals is the company that manufactures this medication.

  • Qsymia

This is also a very effective brand of Phentermine medication. This was commercialized for the usage of people in the year 2012. The medication also meets the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Vivus converted the name of the medication from Qnexa to Qsymia and this is to avoid the confusion that might occur with other drugs. It is possible to get the weight loss medication at four different dosage strengths such as Vivus 3.57mg / 23mg, Vivus 11.5mg /69mg, Vivus 7.5mg /46mg and Vivus 15mg /92mg.

These five are the most effective brands of Phentermine medication. A person can choose any one from the above mentioned drugs. The active ingredient in all the brand medication would be same and would provide similar effectiveness on the weight loss. There are many customers who take these pills and are getting benefitted to a greater extent. You can also be one among them for sure and get your desired look.

Use Of Phentermine In Nursing Mothers

Phentermine in nursing mothers

Phentermine in nursing mothersWomen who are obese tend to have a lot of difficulty in losing the excess weight, especially after pregnancy. Phentermine is a wonderful drug that promotes weight loss and though many consider taking it, nursing mothers may be unsure if they can take it or not. Phentermine while pregnant is usually not recommended as weight loss at this time can affect the baby’s growth. However, once the baby is born there may not be as many restrictions. In order to be doubly safe so that it does affect the nursing infant you need to look into this in detail, which is what we have done for you. Generally, lactating mothers have to be extra careful about any and all drugs that they take and the same goes for Phentermine too. Read on to see if it is advisable or not to take Phentermine drug while nursing.

Safety of Phentermine use in nursing mothers

One should first understand the prescription drug Phentermine. This medication promotes weight loss by stimulating the mind to suppress the appetite and also boosts fat burning by increasing the body’s metabolism rate. If you have been gaining weight after the pregnancy then this can be reduced by taking phentermine pills. You can order phentermine legally with online prescription.

The safety of Phentermine use in nursing mothers is established by first by the doctor. In case there are any other drugs be taken or have any health complications, your healthcare provider would be able to advise you best regarding weight loss at this time. In case the drug is passed on to the nursing infant through breast milk, the stimulant effects can raise the risk of side effects. The safety of the baby’s health should be a priority before you think about losing weight.

Can nursing mothers get any benefits from taking Phentermine?

Nursing mothers can definitely benefit from taking Phentermine treatment and here are some reasons why:

  • The drug helps to avoid binge eating and gaining more weight than usual, which many new mothers tend to do.
  • If the person is extremely obese then the drug can surely help in promoting healthy weight loss, considering there are high chances of other health issues if the excessive weight is not addressed.
  • The drug will help regulate the body’s metabolism rate which may be out of sorts post-delivery.
  • It is quite difficult for new mothers to work out at the gym. Moreover, their days are amply filled with chores surrounding the baby’s wellness. Phentermine can work for weight loss when you do not have the time to spend away from home at the gym.

Every individual responds differently to medication and before using Phentermine by taking into account these benefits, first consult with the doctor and see if the drug is right for you or not.

How to safely use Phentermine as a nursing mother?

There may be some risk with using Phentermine as a nursing mother but there are certainly ways around it. Certain persons may be medically required to lose weight and this is possible to do quickly with the help of the medication. One thing that you can do use pump the milk ahead before taking the drug so that the effects will not be passed on to the child. Likewise, you can plan the Phentermine use around your baby’s timings and consulting with the doctor for the best way to take the drug.